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Here are Examples of Fungi 
and Their Effects 

Ustilago cynodontis

"This is a single fungal spore. It is 0.008 of a millimeter in diameter. Fungal spores are microscopically small and you need to be able to see them and other microscopic structures in order to accurately identify fungi. Over 57,000 fungi have been identified, new fungi are constantly being found."

Wood rot on wood framing that had been covered with improperly applied stucco. There are at least three different fungi.
Wood Rot

Wood Rot

Wood rot fungi, on OSB (oriented strand board). The wall will need to be replaced.
My favorite fungus. Its natural habitat is freshwater ponds in New England.
Loramyces juncicola
Studs rotted out because of improperly installed stucco.   This part of the wall will have to be completely removed.  Early moisture tests and analysis for mold might have prevented this major expense.
A flat roof that was not flashed properly caused this.  The insulation looks clean -- until you remove it.
A close up of the damage to this flat roof.  There are a variety of wood rot fungi and molds
This pillar has two problems, it is clearly rotted out at the base and because moisture was able to get in carpenter ants are present too.




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